No More Tangled Necklaces

I took a piece of ceiling tile that came in a box of 4 for about $25 at the home improvement store and covered it with fabric. Nailed it to the wall, stuck in a couple of push pins and voila...a cute way to see all my funky jewelry at a glance. I love it. What do you think?

Simple D.I.Y. Cell Phone Charging Station

I bought a charging station from Brookstone and it's fine, but all the "bricks" for the phones don't fit so I came up with this solution instead.

First I went to Homegoods and picked up a basket with a lid for about $7.99. An outlet strip fits down inside and it holds all the cords.

Then I got this universal charger on E-bay for about $8 that has interchangeable tips for lots of brands of phones. It even has one for Ipods.

Even the package of tips fits down inside the basket. I threaded the cords up through the top of the basket and we just change the tip of the charger to match whatever phone needs a charge. This is also great for guests who forget their cell phone chargers. I will eventually thread the cord from the outlet strip through the back, but this has been a great solution to "cell phone clutter" in our house.

What do you do with a weird backsplash?

The previous owners of our house put up this mural and surrounded it with tile that didn't match and didn't fit. I want to replace it with something really cool but what?

I've been to a bunch of tile stores and there are some interesting options, glass tiles, metal inserts, etc. One place said install tumbled limestone on the diagonal...BOR-ING. A decorator said get a piece of matching granite and smash it with a hammer then make a mosaic. Sounds way cool but I don't have the nerve or the granite. Anybody got any good ideas? BTW, we've replaced the cabinet hardware with oil rubbed bronze and will probably reface the cabinets at some point.

Trash to Treasure

There is an eighth wonder of the world and it is hammered copper spray paint. We recently bought a house and the previous owners left several of these extremely unattractive Christmas vases in the garage. I was about to pitch them when my can of copper spray paint started to whisper, "Try me first."

I sprayed one of the vases and went over it with black craft paint.

Here is the result...

I was so impressed with myself that I went to work on an ugly vase I bought at an auction.

And here is the finished product...

Don't stand still at my house or you're likely to find yourself covered in copper spray paint.

Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol

Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol

One of our favorite holiday movies is Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol. We remember it fondly from when we were kids, but it seems to hold up. The songs are clever and, as with other renditions of A Christmas Carol, the message is heartwarming.

Lily Vanilly

This is my dog, Lily, an exuberant one year old Siberian Husky. She is quite a handful, as evidenced by my patio furniture and the leather sofa she ate a hole in. She's still very sweet and is starting to settle down.

I did this for a photo challenge. The topic was "All One Color" and I thought it would be challenging to show all the shades of white in the image. These were taken in my bathtub and it goes without saying, she was pretty reluctant to climb in even with no water.

Bunko Christmas

I just love my bunko girls. Every Christmas, our friend, Lucy, pumps up our Christmas spirit by having us over for a wonderful dinner and a gift exchange. She makes lasagna and we bring appetizers, dessert & wine. Her home is so beautiful and festive and it's fun being all together. We collect the money we normally throw in the pot and send it to the Empty Stocking Fund. It's a great evening.