Better Living Through Coffee Mugs.

The Secret...a phenomenon that's sweeping the world. Become happier, more successful, even better looking by thinking positively. Sounds pretty good, but I have a better system. I subscribe to the doctrine of Better Living Through Coffee Mugs. That's mugs. Sound ridiculous? Sure it does, but Oprah, are you listening? When I go on a great vacation, see a play I enjoy or otherwise have a wonderful experience I buy a souvenir coffee mug. First thing in the morning, before my eyes are fully open, I open the cabinet for a coffee mug and I'm reminded of some of the best times of my life. It starts the day on a positive note and makes me grateful for my life.

OK, that's pretty corny, but it really works. Since I've been collecting coffee mugs I've lost 25 pounds, gotten a new job and I'm driving a brand new car. Is it the coffee mugs? Probably not. I should mention that I've also started walking 4 miles a day and joined Weight Watchers, I got my job because I have a college degree, and I drove a minivan for 10 years so it was time for a new set of wheels. Oh, what the coffee mugs improve my mood first thing in the morning, so even if they don't contain the secrets of the universe, I'm easier to live with.