Creative Gift Wrapping

I just wrote an article on creative gift wrapping and here are some of the photos I took to accompany it.

This gift is wrapped in white freezer paper decorated with paint pens and topped with leaves spray painted silver and gold.

Freezer paper again, this time topped with a remnant of netting and using a photo ornament for a name tag.

A computer-generated collage makes colorful gift wrap. The standard size printer paper is too small for the whole package so I used, you guessed it, freezer paper and covered the seam with a ribbon.

For the music lover in the family, a piece of sheet music decorated with music-themed ornaments makes a nice presentation.

A cute, inexpensive handbag functions as a gift bag for assorted cosmetics, each of which is wrapped in the pages of a fashion magazine. I took more pages from the magazine and shredded them to make colorful filler for around the presents.